Pulled Over

by Nicole L. Givens ©

That black mustang clocked the speedometer at ninety. I pulled it over and called in the plates. No outstanding warrants, so I felt pretty comfortable. Man, I hated night shift.

All the goons come out, and, according to my son, Anthony, the monsters come out too. Every night he'd say, "Dad, take care of them monsters."

He had no idea.

I walked slowly to the car, wishing I were home, regretting the fight me and Susan had before I left. Sometimes, married life just isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Madam, roll down your window." The driver sported sunglasses and a smile.

"Yes, officer." She smiled and placed both hands on the wheel. Why did the women have to be so stubborn? "Madam, roll down the window. Now." She turned and looked at me. She licked her red painted lips. The sunglasses were dark but I could feel her eyes give me the once-over. Women always think they can flirt their way out of a ticket. Nope, not tonight, sweetheart.

"May I see your driver's license?" I squatted down so I could see her better. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her black bra peeked through the thin fabric of her blouse. She turned away and started digging in her purse, which caused the blouse to gape open. I couldn't take my eyes off them. Her tan cleavage swelled up against the black bra; damn, she was sexy. Licking my lips, I felt my stomach knot up and a familiar twinge down below.

"I can't find it, sir." She smiled again and ran a finger over her cleavage.

"Uh, please step out of the car." I had difficulty standing up.

She slid out of the car. She had long legs that seemed to be poured into black leather pants. On her feet were three-inch platform heels.

"Now what, officer?" She removed her shirt and started walking toward me.

"Please, stay where you are."

She tossed the sunglasses to the ground. "Or what, Mr. Policeman?" She kept walking toward me with this glint in her eyes. Her eyes were beautiful and green.

I pulled my gun and pointed it at her. She stopped and her smile vanished.

"Please, get down on the ground and place both hands behind your back."

She laughed then and it started out real sweet then descended lower in octaves until it sounded like a man. She smiled again and this time a chill raced down my spine. The twinge in my lower area died and suddenly I felt really sick.

The woman looked up to sky and lighting flashed. In the flicker of lightning she vanished. Right before my eyes, she was gone.

The car sat rooted in its spot. Mocking me.


"Hey, daddy!" Anthony ran and jumped into my arms before I could fully get into the door.

"Hello, son." I kissed his cheek. It was cool to the touch.

"Daddy, daddy, one of mommy's friends is here." He hopped out of my arms and ran toward the den.

I walked back to the family den where seated on my loveseat, right next to the love of my life, sat the woman from the black Mustang.

My wife's head was cocked to a right angle and her eyes were glassed over.

"Hello, Maxwell," the woman said. She smiled and licked her lips. "You know why I am here." "Anthony, get over here." My son rushed to my side and hid behind my legs.

"What have you done to my wife?"

"She is asleep." Again the smile, and she stood up. "I only want one thing from you and your family will be safe." She crossed the room and as she did, a black mark trailed her on the carpet.

"Look, I don't know who or what you are, but please, leave my family, now."

Anthony was pressed against the wall behind me. She had backed me into the corner.

A long, red nail traced invisible lines on my face. She smelled like jasmines and her breath was cold. "I want you to come with me." She licked my face and walked back to my wife. She snapped her fingers and my wife's body levitated off the coach. She twirled her fingers and my wife's body stared to twirl in the air.

Anthony began to cry. "Please, stop. I'll do whatever you want, just stop. You're frightening my son."

"Excellent." She snapped her fingers again and my wife's body collapsed into a heap on the loveseat. "Now, come." She lifted her hands to the ceiling. A large blue sphere appeared and elongated into a rectangular prism. "What about my son? I must know he'll be safe." Anthony would not leave me. His arms were attached to my legs. "Promise." "Promise?" She laughed and pointed at Anthony. He collapsed. "What is a promise? A lie told in advance?"

"What the hell?" I slapped her and wrapped both my hands around her neck. By God, I prayed that she would die. How can one person be so evil? "He is asleep. Come." She choked out as my hands squeezed her windpipe.

A burning sensation ignited on my hands and I jerked them back from her neck. "Demon!" I spat at her.

"Oh, yes." A smile crept onto her face. "Come!" She blew her breath into my face and it turned to black smoke. The last thing I remember was hoping I didn't collapse on Anthony.


"Wake up!" I opened my eyes and all around me was fire and darkness. Humidity caused the air to be heavy and the smell of jasmines scented the heated cavern. Rooted in one corner was the demon witch I had pulled over. She had changed into a long black gown, that plunged to just below her navel and slit up the front.

"That's better, Mr. Officer." She purred and walked toward me, revealing all.

"What is it you want from me?" I struggled to stand, to protect myself from her.

"I already have what I wanted from you." She licked my face, then bit me.

"Ouch, bitch!" I raised my hand to slap her but realized that both hands were chained to the stone wall behind me. I secretly cursed the night I pulled that damn Mustang over.

"Welcome to your new home, Mr. Officer. This is the garden of evil and I am the goddess, Evelyn." She bit my lip and licked the blood it produced. "You are my new husband."

"What?" I couldn't think; the words vanished from my mind. My family, I'll never see them again. Oh God, oh God.

"You said you would do anything to save your family. Even live out your remaining days with me." She kissed my neck and moved down my chest. The twinge was back and I couldn't stop it.

"My husbands keep dying on me, one after the other,of old age. Mortals are so enjoyable but so hard to keep up," she said in between kisses.

About the author, Nicole L. Givens:

Nicole tells us that her works have appeared in Dragon Soup the October 1998 edition, Orpheus Romance the November 1998 edition and the Justwrite Site. She is also the contributing editor for Suite 101's Short Story Topic. 

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