by Nicholas J. Lourandos © 2003

I was driving down Promenade Road when Atalanteru decided to switch in. It didnít leave me much time. I had to get off the road. The experience was going to be extremely pleasant. The small travel agency had an empty parking space right up front. I drove straight at it and switch the autopark button. Dimming the windows was almost automatic as the pleasure started hitting me huge. I started screaming while Atalanteru swarmed outwards possessing my mind and body. A dark pool of eternal bliss and I was slowly but steadily being absorbed by it.

Nobody knew where the At came from. Their craft just materialized one spring day, a few years back, over all major capitals. Very B-movie stuff. Then we were informed that the At werenít material beings and that even their scary craft were mirages. They didnít want much. Just some willing bodies in order to absorb their ethereal selves so as to be able to become material again. Of course in the beginning none were willing to merge with them. No human in their right mind were able to withstand the idea of their body and mind being invaded by another being. Or so we all said. But the At clarified the situation quickly. They were willing to exchange precious information for volunteers. And actually women would make better subjects since they were used having their bodies cooperating with other ones, like babies. This was not an invasion...well it was in a strange but peaceful way. The At were trying heads over heels to convince us that this was an intrusion we would like and ask for. But the word invasion stuck. So there was no real response in the beginning.

Then it happened. A woman decided to try the new fad. You know how Californians are. This was a typical example of the human subspecies big-blonde-Californian-smart-rich-bored-fashion victim. She was the one Men would hold responsible. Youíve seen her effigy being burnt on Invasion Day all over Male Country. You know her name: Mary-Jean-Holly Wood. A name to be forever remembered by Women all over the Cosmos. A name to be cursed by Men till the last of their species dies out.

Atalanteru had taken over almost everything leaving me just enough room to breath. I could follow what was going on but couldnít interfere with the action. And pleasure continued to hit me in 30-foot high waves. Constantly. Atalanteru got out of the vehicle and found the nearest At-rejuv. It was his/her/its gift to me for being a good girl and keeping my nose clean and for being so obedient.

You see this was the catch with their invasion. Only females could be invaded and kept in perfect health forever, thanks to some exotic bio-nano-hi-tech. Male bodies didnít respond well to the invasion. They went haywire mentally. And even when the one-in-a-thousand case appeared he couldnít rejuvenate. The body reacted with tumors. Big ones. And that begets us to Today. Two separate countries. One is Male Country while the other is Female-At. The At scattered amongst all women all over the world giving them not only perfect health, through the rejuvís, but also transforming our civilization into a fully functional Female Human one. The Men would be out of the big picture. Forever and ever. And we would go on. And on. And on. Pleasurably I might add since this was the bodyís price for hosting the invaders. Like mine. Atalanteru. A five syllable At elder. The At had syllable status. Four was aristocracy, just one step below their big ones, their royalty. And I had been invaded by he/she/it. It was such a relief to be my own woman after having lived with Jerry for ten years. I still carried the bruises in my mind. I had tried to run away only a week before the Invasion. For the fifth time. The sheriff and his deputy smoked me out before I had reached the Bus Station and returned me home. Jerry pulled a lot of weight as Mayor. The night before the Invasion I was contemplating suicide. But soon I would forget all about Jerry and all the other men. I mean Invasion was...Good!

x x x

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