by Amy Bennett © 2003

I sigh at the sight of the endlessly long line of people waiting to get in. I hope Wes is here so I don't have to wait long. I step in line behind a tall guy with purple spiky hair. He has glow sticks hanging from his wrists and he's already dancing even though we can just barely feel the bass from the main building across the field. I scan the entrance to the rave for Wes. Out of the corner of my eye, hovering above the main building, I see a glittery pink light. Must be some new light trick.


I turn my attention back to the gated entrance and see my cousin, Wes, waving at me. I step out of line and meet him at the gate. He kisses me on the cheek.

"I was wondering when you'd show up. Evan's inside somewhere." "I got stuck at work. You coming in soon?" I ask as I get my hand stamped by the bald guy next to my cousin. Wes looks at the crowd waiting to get in. "As soon as I can. I'll find you."

I wave good-bye and make my way toward the music. I look up in awe at the full bright moon. I always wonder what strange things happen under such a moon...

I get inside the building. It's like a wave of heat emanating from every writhing body hits me. People are packed in everywhere. I push past some young kids acting stupid and sucking hard on lollipops. Junkies. Proof that America's youth is wasting away on designer drugs. I try to stand on my tiptoes to look for Evan. When that doesn't work, I decide to go to our meeting spot by the go-kart track and wait for him.

I weave through the sweaty dancing people to the back door that leads to the track. The music pulsates through me as I walk past the speakers. I trip over a girl with glitter all over her who was sitting on the floor getting blown up by someone in a Gumby costume. She doesn't notice me. It makes me glad I decided to stay sober tonight. The expression on the glitter girl's face told me she was glad she decided otherwise. She'll regret it in the morning. She probably has no idea what lies beneath the Gumby getup.

I laugh to myself at the thought and try to get past the two glowing guys that are blocking the door. One of them waves his glow sticks in my face. I push them away.

"Not tonight, dude." I laugh again and slide over to the door. Just as I'm about to open it, the other guy yells, "Hey, Kaira!" Do I know him?

I turn and he's right in front of me. His face is glowing bluish green and his eyes are a fiery purple. He grinned and brought his hand palm up to his lips. He blew toward my face and this glittery silver powder invaded my nose, eyes and mouth. I coughed and went out the door.

* * *

When I got outside, the moon felt warm on my face. I was pondering what the substance could have been that the guy blew all over me. I wiped at my face but now there was nothing. My vision seemed heightened. My arms and legs were burning and itching and tingly. It was definitely something I had never experienced before. I had to find Evan.

As I walked to the track, I got a searing pain in my back, just between my shoulder blades. I cried out. A couple people stopped and stared at me. Two girls whispered something to each other. I kept walking.

By the time the track was in sight, I felt as light as a feather. It was obvious the guy dosed me with something. I could see Evan waiting for me. When he turned and saw me, he had a concerned look on his face.

"What's wrong, baby?" he asked as I buried my head in his chest. My legs and arms were so itchy. I told him what happened. When I was done he was infuriated.

"Show me the guys. Where were they?"

He took my arm to lead me back inside but stopped and gasped.

"What?" I followed his gaze to my arm. There was a spiraling tribalesque tattoo crawling to my wrist. My other arm had the same thing.

"What the..."

I pulled my pant legs up and found the markings there, too. I was in shock. This must be what was itching me. My back burst with pain. I screamed. So did Evan. He was staring at my back.

"No way," he whispered.

I looked over my shoulder and saw slimy purple and blue iridescent wings had ripped through my tank top. They were unfolding and stretching. Then it all made sense - the moon, the lights, the glowing guy with the silvery dust. This was my destiny.

I kiss Evan good-bye. I will see him tomorrow. I spread my new glittering wings and as I fly away I leave a silvery blue trail of light behind me. I look down and see Evan and Wes staring at me in the sky. I smile. I turn back to the radiant moon and see the glowing pink-purple girl flying in front of me. I follow her on our adventure in the night sky.

x x x

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