Mindless Times

by James E. Auel © 2003

I remember as a kid how the lazy days of summer were; this wasn’t one of those summers. I’m pathologist and Geneticist so I get the really fun Jobs, NOT! After 10 years you’d think I get use to the idea of “no way of knowing how something starts.” There’s been a major out brake of Tricteale (trick-teal-ee) it has no know cure, but with treatment it’s not fatal, but most people don’t know they have till it’s too late. It acts like a cold, but it only take ten seconds to test for the disease, then a weeks worth of treatments and that’s all. I’ve been following vague references for 9 weeks.

“Hey Yonk, if you’re done with that dictation machine, another out break has been report in Wondark.” Stated Vector Point.

“Vector how long ago was it reported?” asked Yonk Outwit.

“1 hour ago.”

“That’s not good, the whole city could have been exposed. I authorizing a citywide shutdown.”

“Hey Yonk, you still think it’s a Drantopic Beast?”

“If it self procreated instead of mating with another one then it might have spread who know what other diseases.”

“You mean Tricteale might only be the tip of the iceberg so to speak?”


Yonk grabbed a small communication device out a pocket, and pushed a number of buttons on it.

“This is Yonk Outwit, I want know if a Drantopic Beast has arrived on Burlark Three?”

“Not that we are aware, but we’ll set the genetic satellites to it quick,” Stated the voice on the other end of the device.

“Why do you think it’s a Drantopic?” Questioned Vector.

Yonk didn’t answer right away he told Vector to follow him and he’d explain on the way. They boarded a small 5-passenger vehicle that had a metal frame with mostly glass type windows all around it especially toward the front. As they were flying over half the planet Yonk went on to explain that if one was commissioned to come to Burlark Three, on account that they pass the memories along to their children. So they’re sought after for historical reasons to collect the long history of bygone eras. Even technology and science can be stored in the genetic code and retrieve from a living cell but as historians they are invaluable, they have to report their presents to a planet. Their mating is strictly governed in the galaxy. As they came to Wondark Medical facility, the ship came down as soft as a smooth butterfly. A man came running over to the ship as soon as the door opened.

“Commissioner Outwit, I have bad news, there are three more outbreaks. One in Tractepe City, Howtey, and Rumdeen.”

“Your name?” Question Yonk.

“Administrator Grindee.”

“How long ago?”

“It seems that Rumdeen was reported just ten minutes ago.” And Administrator Grindee held out a report disk.

“Thank you Administrator well then we’re off to Grindee.” Stated Yonk, and he and Vector departed quickly. He talked with Vector that he thought maybe it was here for the nice beaches. “Every city that it’s been in all border the Reldic Ocean, and this time of year is the warmest, and why not vacation before you’re expected. Gramrow is the last city along the coast of the Reldic Ocean, that’s where were we headed.”

Yonk contact the Genetic HQ again “Yonk Outwit again, I want know if you found out if a Drantopic Beast has arrived on Burlark Three?”

“We did pick up a trace at Grindee briefly, but we lost it.”

“Try Gramrow!”

“Yes Sir…”

A few moments later word came back that a Drantopic was on the planet, and Yonk’s ship was headed for it.

“I want a full genetic team for containment in 2 minutes”.

“No problem sir, we anticipated your request.”

“First rate, I’ll see to it you get a good word from me.”

In a few moments the ship landed in the middle of the city. Yonk and Vector each pulled out a scanner.

“Hey, Yonk I think I got it.”

Yonk turned his device in the direction of Vector’s. “Hey I think you’re right.” Yonk pulled out his communication device “All right where’s my containment crew?”

“Closing on the Drantopic 3 clicks from your locations. They may get there before you do.”

“Fine but I want it alive I need to finish my job.”

A quick run toward the creature using their scanners happened. Around a corner it was seen, after all a Drantopic isn’t small. But after a few blocks of chasing it the containment team got it cornered.

Yonk looked at it as he stepped forward. Then a smile crossed his face as he staired at it.

“Henbick? I thought you were still stuck on Grinverg 7, something about copying a whole computer library?”

“They could prove it. And it’s not like I destroyed anything, I was hired to cross-reference Inverg ancient architecture.”

“Yonk, do you know this guy?”

“Well yah, and his parent Fenbick is a friend of mine. But this one turned out to a disappointment.”

“This one?”

“Yah they often have up to a hundred offspring. But most don’t turn to a life of crime. But a few do.” Stated Yonk.

“I am not a criminal!”

”That remains to be seen, however.”


“Yes, you self procreated!”

“I didn’t mean to.”

”You failed to report your presence on Burlark Three.”

“O Yah.”

“So I booked Henbick on three accounts. One for failure to report his presents, one for Self-procreating and one for spreading diseases, he wanted one transmission, and it was sent to Fenbick. He received the message telling him, “No offspring child of mine are you, till you have made restitution”. I also managed to find out who had commissioned him. You’ll never guess who it was. Fredrick Groundy trafficker of stolen knowledge, it was the plans for a new starship and stardrive that would completely change travel.

Not like the summer days of my youth.

x x x

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