"Plain Text" a how to guide.

Here is how to do it.

"Plain Text" or "ASCII" as it is sometimes called. Is the most basic of formats for a document. It does not have fancy control characters, extended fonts, or even fancy symbols such as ©. This is actually a good thing as your story must be converted to a HTML format to be published on the internet.

A problem with other formats is that they do have fancy control characters, extended fonts and the like. The trouble with that is that they all use different ways to do this. This causes their symbol sets to show up as very strange characters in HTML. A simple line break or carriage return may show up as a ¶ or it can show up as a little black box, or???

There are at last scientific count two hundred gazzillion different word processors on the market today. However MS Word seems to be the most popular. Following the steps below you can convert a MS Word document to plain text.

These are actual "screen shots". That is to say these are pictures that may take a second or two to load. The good news is that you can save them to your PC to view later.

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